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专业版下载-别克青少年总决赛终极一战 周子勤猛攻反超登顶
名称:专业版下载-别克青少年总决赛终极一战 周子勤猛攻反超登顶

   On September 26, the Buick China Junior Golf Championship entered the fourth round of the ultimate contest. Four rounds of fierce battle not only brought higher requirements to the players' physical fitness and mentality, but also demonstrated their determination to advance to the championship.


Zhou Ziqin, a men’s group A player who entered the final round by one stroke, had a Jedi counterattack in this round and tied the 54-hole leader Pan Ziyi on the first nine holes. He continued to show his strength on the last nine holes and handed over a score of -3. Pole advantage won the finals. "It's the last round. I chose to attack actively and hope to score more points. This is the first time I have won the finals. I am very excited to be able to win the championship surrounded by so many masters!"

男子A组选手周子琴一杆进入最后一轮,他在本回合中进行了绝地反击,并在前9个洞中将54洞领先者潘子一并列。他在最后九洞继续表现出自己的实力,并交出了-3的成绩。杆位优势赢得了决赛。 “这是最后一轮。我选择了积极进攻,希望获得更多分。这是我第一次赢得决赛。我很高兴能够赢得如此多大师赛的冠军!”

   As for the women's team, Chen Yulin, who has been suffering from a cold this week, did not give her opponent any chance in the fourth round. The Guangzhou girl who played steadily and won the championship with a huge advantage of 7 shots. "It feels like playing four rounds is really a serious challenge to physical fitness and mentality. Each round is like a five-hour test. I really have to take a good rest when I go back. But I am also honored to be ahead of the four rounds. I won the championship under the circumstances. I have not won the competition for a year and a half. I am really excited to win the next level one championship this time."

至于女队,本周遭受感冒的陈玉林在第四轮中没有给对手任何机会。这位稳定打球的广州姑娘凭借7杆的巨大优势赢得了冠军。 “感觉打四轮比赛确实是对身体健康和心理的严重挑战。每一轮比赛都需要进行五个小时的测试。当我回去时,我真的必须好好休息。但是我也很荣幸能领先一步四轮比赛。在这种情况下我赢得了冠军。我已经一年半没有赢得比赛了。我很高兴这次能赢得下一级别的冠军。”

   With the birth of the male and female Group A champions, the 2020 Buick China Junior Golf Championship is coming to an end. This week in Shanghai Qizhong Garden, although the players encountered heavy rain in the first round, after the training of the sub-station, the Buick Junior was more calm and calm on the court, and the results were exceptionally eye-catching. The progress of the men's group B players is even more obvious to all. Last year, the men's group B did not show a red letter after the game, but this year's leaderboard has 8 people handed in negative scores. The constant refreshing performance is the best proof of Buick Junior's continuous advancement.


   At the Group A awards ceremony, Buick Golf spokesperson and "China First Sister" Feng Shanshan came to the scene to congratulate the players. "I see that many players on the leaderboard have played the scarlet letters, their results are very good, and I clearly feel the children's progress year by year. I really appreciate Buick's support for the development of China's junior golf."

在A组颁奖典礼上,别克高尔夫发言人和“中国第一姐妹”冯珊珊来到现场,向选手们表示祝贺。 “我看到排行榜上的许多球员都打出了鲜红色的字母,他们的成绩非常好,我清楚地感受到了孩子们逐年的进步。我非常感谢别克对中国青少年高尔夫发展的支持。”

   In addition to supporting the contestants on site, Shanshan also launched a championship training camp for zero-based children after the game, hoping to encourage more young people to participate in golf and cultivate more reserve forces for the future. "We can't just cultivate top players, but continue to expand the base of young players. The more people who participate, the greater the probability of top players, so I support this kind of golf promotion for children with zero foundation."

除了在现场为参赛者提供支持外,杉杉还在赛后为零基础儿童开设了冠军训练营,以期鼓励更多的年轻人参加高尔夫运动,并为将来培养更多的后备力量。 “我们不仅要培养顶级球员,还要继续扩大年轻球员的基础。参加的人越多,顶级球员的可能性就越大,所以我支持这种针对零基础儿童的高尔夫促销活动。”

   At this point, this year's Buick Junior Race has successfully concluded. In this year's special environment, Buick Juniors were still struggling under various harsh conditions such as storms, scorching sun, and scorching heat during the game. The wonderful moments of sticking to the end are still memorable.


  The first national youth shot


   On June 20, Buick launched the first race of this year's youth series in Zhuhai, Guangdong. As the first race of a national youth race, the Zhuhai race has attracted attention from all parties. With the comprehensive and meticulous epidemic prevention work escorted by the event staff, the event was successfully held, opening the Buick Junior's strength battle this year.


   Champion takes over


   In the second Guangdong race, the men's A player Xiao Jieyan showed the domineering champion and won the championship. Xiao Jieyan comes from a golf family. His mother, Lin Shaoru, was a professional champion. Xiao Jieyan, who has been fascinated by him since he was a child, has continued the family's glory. His victory shows us the strength of China's golf "back wave".


   Persistence in the storm


   In the third game, he moved to Jiangsu. The Buick Junior met the severe test of extreme weather. In Kunshan Xubao, wind and rain are raging, as the players said, "people are going to be blown up." However, the Buick Junior did not flinch, and continued to fight to the end under such difficult weather conditions. All players finished the race. With excellent strength and the most "burning" fighting spirit, the storm became the best testimony of Buick Junior's challenge and continuous growth.


   The shortest distance, the biggest breakthrough


   Zhu Yurun, a female Group A player who won second place in the last stop, once again entered the championship competition circle in the fourth East China stop. Despite the setbacks in the final round, in the face of wind and rain and the challenges of opponents, he always believed in his "Xiao Zhu", withstood the pressure, and finally reached the championship podium. From runner-up to champion, the seemingly short distance is the biggest breakthrough.


   The most intense extra play


   In the fifth game at Huazhong Station, there was a “tense to trembling” championship moment. Women's Group A Zeng Liqi and Zhu Yingzhi fought hard for five additional holes. As a result, Zeng Liqi clenched his teeth and insisted on winning the championship. And Liu Yujie, who was only promoted to Group B in May, also overpowered her opponents in the extra play and won the first Group B championship. The harsh test the Buick Juniors received in the extra play allowed them to sharpen their determination to win more tenaciously.


   sprint to the finals and give birth to five first-win champions


In the final round of the    race, Buick Juniors fought hard for the championship and finals tickets, and achieved great results. The first round of the game sent 10 eagles to the scoreboard. In the final six groups of competitions, five winners were the first to aspire to the championship of this group. The fiery fighting spirit of sprinting with all strength, and the dazzling results that are frequently refreshed, let us see the explosive power of Buick Junior and the fighting spirit eager to advance.

在比赛的最后一轮,别克青年车队(Buick Juniors)争夺冠军和决赛门票,并取得了不错的成绩。比赛的第一轮将10枚老鹰送入了记分牌。在最后六组比赛中,有五个冠军是第一个渴望获得该组冠军的人。竭尽全力冲刺的炽烈战斗精神以及经常刷新的令人眼花results乱的结果,让我们看到了别克少年的爆发力和渴望进取的战斗精神。

   After 4 months, 6 sub-stations, 1 finals, 22 rounds of competition, Buick Junior has been on the road to advancement. There is no end to advancement. Winning the championship is the best proof of advancement, but it is not the end of advancement. Next, Buick Juniors will have to forge ahead with the next game and next goal, and Buick will continue to provide a platform for training and growth for the new players in Chinese golf to help Buick Juniors continue to advance.


   swing high, youth is burning!


  Buick Boy, see you next year!


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